Mailing list

 Those of you with a keen eye will have noticed that there is now an option to 'Join the List' and subscribe to my mailing list.... If you do subscribe it won't mean that you'll be subjected to loads of inane contact from me, just the (very) occasional newsletter to let you know what's happening in the Hodgson art world. 

Album artwork

It's always good to have drawings picked by bands/singers/DJ's so I'm pleased to share the latest album artwork for ShyLow a band from Richmond, Virginia in the US. After the selected artworks were purchased I shipped them out and they became caught up in the early pandemic nightmare that the American postal system faced. They were lost and untrackable for a few months but the band remained positive and, just as i was about to refund their hard earned $'s, the artwork turned up safe and sound! Patience won out in the end and after a fair amount of time getting the album together it has finally been released.


I've been busy sifting through my plan chest drawers sorting through the past few months work in preparation for the much overdue website update. This process has been quite cathartic, re-appraising work that has been hidden away for some time has revealed that some pieces are resolved, some need a bit of tweaking, some were a pre-cursor to what followed, a few have sparked fresh ideas and many will not see the light of day... 

The Gallery section has now been updated, a Studio Sale page will be added very soon....

Moving On

Such a lot has happened since I last updated this news section. Dealing with the deaths of both my parents, leaving Brighton and moving back to Yorkshire, the ongoing pandemic... Life changing events on so many levels with appropriate adjustments duly made.

It hasn't been all bad, my new home has a garden large enough to accomadate my bespoke art studio, The Hodgehutch, a beautiful and inspiring workspace, a mere hop skip and jump of a commute and where I spend many happy hours creating in. I feel very lucky!

And, just as my working environment has had an upgrade, so too will this website.

As well as adding new artwork I will also be creating a 'Studio Sale' section where available work can be viewed, pondered on and purchased if desired. Moving on indeed.... watch this space!



Delighted to announce that I now have work in Macy's in Union Square, San Francisco!

After being contacting me through Instagram, their director of design Paula Olejnik selected some pieces which were then shipped over to the USA for framing and then displayed in the re-fit of the menswear department

So my work is now nestling amongst Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and the like...

I've even got a whopper in the fitting room!

It would appear to have been a bit of a success as I'm currently mid negotiations for more work to be shipped over with a plan for re-prints to made and rolled out to other stores. Watch this space....