...Been A While

...Been graphite artAlthough it has been a while since my last entry I haven't been idle I'm just trying to find a way to step out of the 'making art to sell' trap that I've set for myself over the past few months. Thanks to the finest drawing award the mirror ball image has been both wonderful and restrictive, no more for the time being! Different paths need to be explored, maybe old paths well trodden may have to be re-visited and veering off the beaten track may also be required. The work will probably be less commercial but taking the pressure off the need to sell should allow things to develop...


Show at Naked Eye starts this coming Friday..

Me and Ronnie

Still recovering from last night's celebrations.. Yes thats me with Ronnie Wood. I haven't become a member of the Rolling Stones and we weren't out on the town together, Ronnie was hosting the preview of the National Open Art competition at the RCA where I was awarded the finest drawing in the show prize! I was selected for the prize by The Arts Club and given a generous cheque by their very lovely executive director, Alice Chadwyck-Healey. Had a fantastic evening which continued down in Brighton until the early hours.. I think Ronnie had other plans.. Just seen that the show is featured on the bbc website... Also a short video of the event.

National Open

Its been a while since my last entry mainly due to moving home and the upheavel that entails. Also moved my studio from Farm Mews into the new flat so now work from home overlooking the beautiful Brunswick Square. It all feels a bit too good to be true and I'm still waiting for a knock at the door from someone asking me what on earth I think I'm doing here and to pack my bags and leave. No unwelcome callers yet..

On the art front, managed to get the above piece 'Chrysalis 1' into the National Open competition so feeling quite chuffed with myself! More news about that to follow...

Nottingham Exhibition

All the work for my Nottingham show is delivered and in the capable hands of George Thornton 

The show starts on Saturday 13th July and I'll be in the gallery to meet and greet all who can make it between 1 and 4pm...

Download the exhibition flyer.