Occupied Territories

I'll be having my first solo show at Ink-d gallery from 5th - 21st April with a private view on Thurs 4th April.. Still not entirely sure as to which work will be finished/included or which piece to have as a limited edition giclee print but I still have a couple of weeks.. Aaargh! Slight surge of panic now I've actually written it down and realisation dawns. This could explain why sleep is proving difficult!

Alex MacArthur

I was lucky enough to show some work at Alex MacArthur's Open House in December and here's a video of the place and the private view. Alex Macarthur. I thought my work looked great in the amazing setting and there's even the odd glimpse of me mingling and schmoozing but never too far from where the champagne was being served.. It was a successful venture resulting in a few sales and future possibilities...

London Art Fair

Ink-d gallery have icluded me as one of their artists showing at The London Art Fair from 16 - 20th January so feeling quite excited now that the deadlines for completing work and framing have been met and the work has been delivered to Ink-d. The fair takes place at the Business Design Centre in Islington and I'll be going for a nosey and checking out the competition on Saturday 19th.. 

Face of Graphite..

graphite drawing for Derwent

Along with creating the odd face out of graphite I can now claim to be the face of graphite after Derwent have chosen to use one of my images to adorn the tin containing the new chunky graphite blocks I spent many a happy hour testing in recent months. I haven't yet seen how the tin will look or which image they have chosen  (above and below) but the graphite blocks are due to be launched early 2013 and I've received payment for my artworks so I'm presuming all is going ahead as planned...graphite drawing for Derwent

Testing testing..

graphite figurative drawing

I have always used and loved Derwent's graphite blocks and was recently asked if I wanted to become one of their 'testers' so I've spent the past few weeks trying out some pre-production chunky graphite blocks and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

graphite drawing figurative

There were 4 colours to play with alongside a traditional soft and very soft. I got on well with the reddish hue (see figure image above) and the sepia (see urban landscape image below) but my overall favourite was the very soft one which smudged, smeared and erased like a dream and created real darkness and texture when required, perfect for my way of working!

 landscape graphite drawing

Sent a few of my trial attempts to Derwent to see if they may want to use any of my images as far as future advertising and promotion goes, should find out next week...