Fallow June

graphite drawing experiments

After the success of the May exhibition (part of the Open Houses, Brighton festival) I seem to have had quite a fallow June. Maybe the productive period in the run up to the show and then the busy time meeting and greeting the public left me a bit drained but for whatever reason I don't seem to have produced that much since.. Its given me a bit of reflective time, contemplating where I might want to take my work and pulling out passages of pieces that I find interesting, e.g the above, a section of 'A Groundless Sense of Self' where the contrast of dark smudgey graphite and harder line seem to sit particularly well with the paler static imagery. Also sorting through my work has allowed me to start tearing out figures or heads that I find interesting (but not within the context of the whole piece) and save them to collage onto future pieces. I also know that the only way to truly kick start the creative process is to just get stuck in and stop trying to find blame...

New and Improved..

graphite and mixed media figurative drawingWelcome to my first attempt as a blogger to coincide with the launch of the new website. Although it may look virtually the same as the old website, subtle changes have occurred along with a more streamlined gallery section and the red dot addition (top corner of the image thumbnails) to indicate when a picture has been sold.

Not sure how or where the blogging will take me, it may be as basic as the occasional update with where I'm at in my art practice or it may unfold into a revealing monologue where my innermost thoughts spill out.. Lets hope for all our sakes its nearer the former rather than the latter..

Until the next time...